Robin Bus Owner Awarded Shrestha Karma Puraskaram by Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation

Latest update: Robin bus owner awarded Shrestha Karma Puraskaram for his commitment to pursuing justice through legal means.

Robin Bus Owner Awarded Shrestha Karma Puraskaram by Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation

In recognition of his unwavering determination in the face of legal challenges, Robin Bus owner was awarded the prestigious Shrestha Karma Puraskaram by the Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation in Kerala today.

The Shrestha Karma Puraskaram includes a citation as a symbol of acknowledgment for Gireesh’s resilience and commitment that he exhibited throughout the Robin bus saga.

Established in December 2000, the Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation in Kerala is dedicated to upholding the principles and preserving the legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation.

The foundation represents a collective endeavor to usher in a brighter future for the most vulnerable segments of Kerala society.

Focused on empowering women, children, disabled individuals, the elderly, and other disadvantaged groups, Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation strives to achieve this mission through initiatives that include educational training, healthcare protection, environmental preservation, enhancement of living conditions, and the reinforcement of family and community bonds.

Why the Robin Bus Owner Awarded Shrestha Karma Puraskaram?

Over the past few days, the Kerala Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) has constantly been targeting Baby Gireesh’s Pathanamthitta – Coimbatore bus service for permit violation.

The bus has undergone several inspections, incurred fines, and become entangled in legal proceedings, prompting public scrutiny and generating inquiries into the MVD’s operational methods.

Read here about the entire timeline of events of the Robin bus issue.

Gireesh, on his part, has been very resilient and fighting the system legally.

Consequently, the Robin bus issue has garnered widespread national attention, sparking discussions regarding regulatory practices, procedural transparency, and the potential implications of personal biases in the department’s actions.

Gireesh received the Shrestha Karma Puraskaram for his commitment to pursuing justice through legal means.

Despite facing challenges and fines imposed by the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) related to the Robin bus issue, Girish has demonstrated resilience in seeking fairness through established legal channels.

The Shrestha Karma Puraskaram, instituted by the Mahatma Gandhi National Foundation, acknowledges individuals who exemplify outstanding efforts in various fields, and Girish’s dedication to confronting injustice aligns with the principles championed by the foundation.

The award recognizes his unwavering commitment to upholding principles of justice and fairness amidst the complexities surrounding the Robin bus case.

Robin Bus Faces Another Fine Amidst Legal Tussles

However, amidst this acknowledgment, the ongoing saga of Robin Bus encountered another twist as the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) imposed yet another fine on the bus.

A hefty fine of Rs 15,000 was levied, incorporating the penalties from previous violations, citing permit violations as the basis for this latest action.

The MVD intercepted the Robin Bus on a Thursday morning during its return journey from Coimbatore to Pathanamthitta Mylapra.

Despite the legal tussles and fines, the Robin Bus, which had faced impoundment by the Tamil Nadu Motor Vehicle Department, resumed its service on the Pathanamthitta-Coimbatore route.

Remarkably, the resumption occurred without any inspections by the Motor Vehicle Department in both states on the preceding day.

The complex legal scenario surrounding the Robin Bus has been a subject of considerable attention. The bus’s encounters with the MVD, both in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, have sparked debates and speculation, with questions arising about the nature of the scrutiny and potential personal biases influencing the actions against the bus.

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