Robin Bus Booking: Adoor to Coimbatore Timing and Route

If you are planning a trip from Adoor to Coimbatore and are in search of a reliable and convenient mode of transportation, this article on Robin Bus Booking will help you plan a seamless journey.

Robin Bus Booking Guide- timetable, route fare

Kerala’s infamous bus operator Robin Bus has recently announced a revised route from Adoor to Coimbatore starting from February 1.

Initially, the bus service was from Pathanamthitta to Coimbatore. The bus used to leave Pathanamthitta at 5 AM and reach Coimbatore at 12:30 PM. To better serve passengers, Robin Bus is gearing up to start its journey from Adoor.

The Robin bus route from Adoor to Coimbatore will weave through Ranni, Erumeli, Thrissur, and Palakkad on its way to Coimbatore.

The Robin bus Adoor to Coimbatore timing has also been adjusted to better suit passenger timing. The bus will start from Adoor at 3:30 AM and reach Coimbatore at 10:30 AM.

On its return journey from Coimbatore to Adoor the Robin will start from Coimbatore at 6:00 PM and reach Adoor by 1:00 AM.

As per the owner of Robin bus, Baby Gireesh, this adjustment was carefully coordinated with the existing KSRTC bus to Coimbatore, which starts at 4:30 a.m. from Pathanamthitta.

“All our differences aside, our objective is not to compete with KSRTC but rather to cater to passenger needs. KSRTC buses on the Coimbatore route facing maintenance issues, and we just want to give passengers a reliable journey option,” says Baby Gireesh.

In this article, we will discuss the timing and route options for the Robin bus from Adoor to Coimbatore, as well as online options for Robin bus booking.

Robin Bus Adoor to Coimbatore Bus Overview

Adoor to Coimbatore Distance328 kilometers
Time TakenAppox. 7 hours
Robin Bus Adoor to Coimbatore RouteRanni, Erumeli, Thodupuzha, Thrissur, and Palakkad
Robin Bus Booking Number+91 9497352007
Adoor to Coimbatore Starting Time3:40 AM
Coimbatore to Adoor Starting Time6:00 PM

Robin Bus Adoor to Coimbatore Timing

Robin bus service from Adoor to Coimbatore starts at 3:30 AM from Adoor and reaches Coimbatore at 10:30 AM.

Here is the complete timetable:

Robin Bus Adoor to Coimbatore Timing

Bus StopTime
Adoor03:40 AM
Pathanamthitta04:00 AM
Ranni04:20 AM
Erumeli04:45 AM
Kanjirapalli05:10 AM
Eratupetta05:30 AM
Pala05:45 AM
Thodupuzha06:20 AM
Muvatupuzha06:50 AM
Perumbavoor07:10 AM
Angamaly07:35 AM
Thrissur (Paliekara)08:30 AM
Mannuthy 08:40 AM
Palakkad (Chandranagar)09:30 AM
Coimbatore10:30 AM

Robin Bus Coimbatore to Adoor Timing

The Coimbatore to Adoor Robin Bus will start from Coimbatore at 6:00 PM and reach Adoor at 1:00 AM.

Here is the complete timetable:

Robin Bus Coimbatore to Adoor Timing

Bus StopTime
Coimbatore06:00 PM
Palakkad (Chandranagar)07:00 PM
Mannuthy 08:00 PM
Thrissur (Paliekara)08:10 PM
Angamali08:55 PM
Perumbavoor09:20 PM
Muvatupuzha09:40 PM
Thodupuzha10:00 PM
Milk10:35 PM
Eratupetta10:45 PM
Kanjirapalli10:55 PM
Erumeli11:20 PM
Ranni11:45 PM
Pathanamthitta12:05 AM
Adoor12:30 AM

Robin Bus Booking Number

Kerala's Robin Bus Issue A Complete Timeline of Events

To help passengers reserve seats in advance and know about the current status of Robin bus timings, a dedicated booking number is provided for easy accessibility and up-to-date information.

For any questions, concerns, or inquiries, or for booking seats you can call the Robin bus booking number +919497352007.

Whether it’s regarding booking, booking modifications, ticket cancellations, current timing, or any other travel-related assistance, do not hesitate to contact the Robin bus booking number.

Robin Bus Booking Online

Presently, the option to book Robin bus online is not available. It is anticipated that the owner of Robin Bus may introduce an online booking system in the future, aiming to streamline the booking process for passengers.

Currently, all bookings are conducted through the dedicated Robin bus booking number.

Stay tuned for potential updates on the introduction of online booking for a more convenient and efficient booking experience.

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