Kerala Bus Driver Killed by Train as he Flees After Accident Fearing Mob Justice

The bus accident in Kannur today where a bus driver was killed by a train prompts reflection on the potential consequences of mob justice.

Bus Driver Killed by Train as he flees after accident
Photo of the bus driver K Jeejith courtesy of On Manorama.

The victim, identified K Jeejith from Manekkara near Pannyannur, succumbed to the fatal collision as he attempted to escape the escalating public outrage, according to the authorities.

The bus accident in Kannur today unfolded at Pettipalam near Thalassery when the Thalassery-Vadakara bus, collided with a pedestrian during the evening. The unfortunate pedestrian, identified as Mnueer, a local fisherman, came under one of the wheels of the bus.

The situation escalated quickly as enraged passers-by turned violent and assaulted both the bus conductor and cleaner.

Fearing public wrath, the bus driver K Jeejith made a desperate attempt to escape and fled along a nearby railway track.

Tragically, his getaway from the scene took a fatal turn when he failed to notice an approaching passenger train on the same track, leading to a catastrophic collision that claimed his life.

The injured pedestrian was promptly rushed to the nearest hospital for medical attention. Fortunately, his condition is reported to be stable at this time.

Meanwhile, the lifeless body of Jeejith was moved to the mortuary at Thalassery General Hospital.

Individual Responsibilities in the Aftermath of an Accident

The unfortunate loss of life of the bus driver K Jeejith in this tragic incident raises questions about the consequences of resorting to mob justice.

Had the Crowd Responded Responsibly:

  • Instead of resorting to violence, if the crowd had apprehended K Jeejith and handed him over to the police promptly, and rushed the victim to a nearby hospital, the life of bus driver K Jeejith could have been saved.
  • The legal system would then have had the opportunity to ensure that Jeejith faced lawful consequences for his mistake.

Guidelines for Individuals at the Scene of an Accident:

  • Avoid Aggressive Behavior:
    • In the event of an accident, refrain from aggressive actions towards the involved parties, especially the driver. Wait for the police to arrive and handle the situation.
  • Assist the Victim:
    • Prioritize helping the victim by calling for an ambulance and providing any immediate assistance within your capability.
  • Maintain a Safe Distance:
    • If the victim is severely injured, do not surround them. Give them space to breathe as await professional medical assistance.

These responsible actions contribute to a safer and more orderly response to accidents, ensuring the well-being of victims and allowing the legal system to address any wrongdoing appropriately.

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