Kadamba Transport Launches Electric Buses Between Panaji and Goa University

The Kadamba Transport Corporation inaugurated two electric buses on the Panaji and Goa University route.

Kadamba Transport Launches Electric Buses Between Panaji-Goa University
The two electric buses were inaugurated at the KTC Bus Stand Panaji. Source: Saieel Shirsat

In a significant move towards sustainable transportation, the Kadamba Transport Corporation (KTCL) has inaugurated two electric buses operating from the Panaji Bus Stand to Goa University via Bambolim-GMC at KTC Bus Stand, Panaji.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was led by Ulhas Y. Tuenkar, M.L.A. Navelim, and Chairman of KTCL, highlighting the commitment to eco-friendly initiatives in public transportation.

These electric buses mark a positive step in reducing carbon emissions and promoting clean mobility options for commuters in the region.

The new route is expected to enhance connectivity between Panaji and Goa University, providing an eco-conscious and efficient transportation solution.

The introduction of electric buses aligns with the broader goal of fostering sustainable practices and contributing to a greener future for Goa’s public transit system.

Kadamba Transport Electric Buses Made by PMI Electro

The two electric buses between Panaji and Goa University are made by PMI Electro and are part of the 42 buses that Kadamba Transport has received in a recent order.

As part of the Smart City project, 48 Kadamba Transport electric buses will be introduced on diverse routes within Panjim.

Read more about the Kadamba Tap and Go electric buses slated to start from November 2023.

In other news, Kadamba Transport has revealed today that it plans to implement Alcohol Meters and Counseling Sessions For Drunk Kadamba Bus Drivers.

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