Blackbuck ELON 3X: India’s First Multi-Axle Electric Bus to be Launched Soon

A Hyderabad-based startup is set to launch India’s first multi-axle electric bus, the Blackbuck ELON 3X. Know features and specifications.

Blackbuck ELON 3X: India's First Multi-Axle Electric Bus

In the dynamic landscape of India’s electric bus manufacturing, the momentum is unmistakable. The industry has been witnessing an influx of innovative players each year.

The newest entrant in the electric bus manufacturing space is Blackbuck EV, a Hyderabad-based company that is preparing to unveil India’s first multi-axle electric bus – the Blackbuck ELON 3X.

According to the company, this electric bus will mark a significant shift in the public transportation experience, prioritizing passenger tranquility and comfort.

Features and Specifications of the Blackbuck Elon 3X

1. Chassis

The Blackbuck ELON Platform where India's First Multi-Axle Electric Bus is built

The ELON 3X is a 13.5-meter intercity electric bus with three axles designed as a lighter and more modular solution for both domestic and international markets.

Unlike traditional electric bus chassis, the ELON 3X is built on an ultra-lightweight Skateboard platform that houses the transmission, axle, and electric motor within a single unit, increasing efficiency.

One of the most distinguishing features of the Blackbuck ELON 3X is its lightweight electric axle system that has replaced the propeller shaft. Also, in contrast to traditional buses, all the axles on the ELON 3X feature single tires.

The batteries are positioned beneath the chassis to offer a lower center of gravity and enhance dynamic stability during driving. This not only prioritizes dynamic safety but also enhances overall passenger comfort.

The bus also features a technically advanced air suspension system that ensures passenger comfort even on the worst of tarmac.

2. Bus Body

Interior of The Blackbuck ELON 3X - India's First Multi-Axle Electric Bus is built
Interior of the

The ELON 3X’s body is crafted from composite materials with a high strength-to-weight ratio, commonly employed in aircraft components.

The advanced composite-based frame structure not only guarantees optimum safety for passengers in the event of a crash from any side of the vehicle but also incorporates a fire-retardant design and materials, ensuring sufficient time for passengers to evacuate safely.

Moreover, its modular design provides an integrated structure, allowing for rapid customization.

The ELON 3X also guarantees much lower NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness). This ensures relatively quiet and vibration-free rides even on rough roads.

The bus also boasts a comparatively larger cargo space, promising faster ROI to fleet operators.

3. Driver Cabin

To enhance driver comfort, Blackbuck EV has prioritized minimizing cognitive overload in the ELON 3X electric bus.

The contemporary and spacious cabin features intuitive user interfaces and provides a premium experience and workspace for drivers.

In terms of safety features, all critical parameters are readily available on the driver dashboard, complemented by advanced alarm systems in the control room for fleet owners.

Additionally, interlocks are activated in case of any critical events, reinforcing the commitment to both driver well-being and overall operational safety.

Specifications and Features of the Blackbuck ELON 3X

Chassis Bus Body
Ultra-lightweight Skateboard platformAircraft-grade composite materials with a high strength-to-weight ratio
Three axles with single tiresFire-retardant design and materials
Lower center of gravity for driving stabilityModular design for rapid customization
Air suspension designed to glide on all terrainLarge cargo/luggage space

About Blackbuck EV

India's First Multi-Axle Electric Bus manufacturer Blackbuck EV's office in Hyderabad

Established in April 2022 by Ramakrishnam Raju Chintalapati, Blackbuck EV is an electric bus manufacturer based out of Hyderabad, Telangana.

The company is dedicated to revolutionizing the electric bus industry in India by offering long-range charging cycles for buses.

Positioned as a new entrant and a promising electric bus manufacturer in India, Blackbuck EV aims to usher in a revolutionary era in public transportation with its range of ultra-light buses.

While the ELON 3X is currently in pre-production, Ramakrishnam Raju Chintalapati has revealed that commercial production will commence by late 2024.

However, the company is actively negotiating with prospective customers for advance bookings, providing an exclusive opportunity for early enthusiasts to reserve their orders.

Future Plans

Blackbuck EV plans to expand the ELON platform by launching two more bus models shortly – ELON 2X (10.5m) and ELON 4X (14.5m).

Ramakrishnam Raju Chintalapati also highlighted that Blackbuck EV aims to streamline the production of its buses through micro-factories.

The company envisions establishing multiple manufacturing facilities throughout India in the coming years, employing a franchise model.

This strategic expansion is geared towards addressing the increasing market demand and ensuring convenient service accessibility for local fleet operators.

PS: We are aware of the Hexal Bubble Multi Axle bus.

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