Golden Dragon’s Navigator Earns 2 More Recognitions: Secures China Patent Award and China Good Design Golden Award

Golden Dragon's Navigator Earns 2 More Recognitions. Secures China Patent Award and China Good Design Golden Award

Golden Dragon’s Navigator is one of the most exceptional innovations in the global bus industry. The luxury bus model has turned many heads and won numerous awards since its launch.

It has recently added two more remarkable feathers to its cap.

The iconic luxury coach has been honored with not one, but two prestigious awards – the 24th China Patent Award and the illustrious China Good Design Golden Award. This laudable achievement speaks volumes about the Navigator’s exceptional design and cutting-edge features.

Ever since its grand debut, Golden Dragon’s Navigator has been on a triumphant journey, amassing a collection of prestigious accolades.

The vehicle’s prowess has been recognized with the coveted Good Design Awards in the United States. Notably, it holds the distinction of being hailed as an Innovative Coach, a tribute to China’s remarkable 40 Years of Reform and Opening-Up.

Additionally, it proudly wears the badge of honor as China’s Five-Star Coach with the Highest Safety Standards. These accolades underscore the Navigator’s extraordinary contribution to the world of transportation.

Golden Dragon's Navigator Earns 2 More Recognitions. Secures China Patent Award and China Good Design Golden Award

Golden Dragon’s Navigator has graced significant events, including the annual NPC and CPPCC sessions and the esteemed Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games. These appearances have solidified its reputation as a reliable and exceptional choice for transportation needs.

Its unwavering presence extends beyond borders, leaving a mark in countries like Israel and Saudi Arabia. The resounding success of this exceptional vehicle is mirrored in its impressive sales revenue, surpassing a remarkable 500 million RMB.

The China Patent Award and the China Good Design Award stand as a testament to the groundbreaking nature of Golden Dragon’s Navigator model.

These prestigious honors are a result of a collaborative effort between the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and the esteemed World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).

Golden Dragon's Navigator Earns 2 More Recognitions. Secures China Patent Award and China Good Design Golden Award

About Golden Dragon’s Navigator Model

Navigator is a 12 meter, high-deck luxury bus meticulously tailored for the upscale market segment. As the latest Golden Dragon coach model, Navigator is jointly developed by Golden Dragon Bus Company and British DCA Company.

The model turned out to be a blockbuster. It even helped China break away from the dominance of European bus brands and showcased the country’s prowess in design excellence and engineering innovation.

Beyond its capacious interior, Navigator showcases a plethora of cutting-edge technologies that redefine passenger comfort during travel. This attention to detail extends to every facet, from spatial arrangement and manufacturing finesse to visual aesthetics, safety benchmarks, material selection, and even color coordination.

With a total sales revenue exceeding 500 million RMB, nearly 1,000 units of Golden Dragon’s Navigator are running across the globe.

Navigator has seamlessly incorporated numerous oriental aesthetic elements, rendering the vehicle highly distinctive on the streets.

Shi Tianhua, Chief Engineer of Golden Dragon

Since commencing its new energy bus research and development initiative in 2003, Golden Dragon has rapidly ascended to become a frontrunner in the worldwide market.

Within a span of merely two decades, its export earnings from new energy buses have accounted for an impressive 60% of its overall export revenue.

Moreover, over 300 autonomous driving buses bearing the Golden Dragon insignia are seamlessly operating in major urban centers, laying a sturdy foundation for their forthcoming commercial deployment on a global scale.

With the establishment of a State-Level Industrial Design Center, a State-Level Technological Center, and a State-Level Post-Doctoral Research Station, among other endeavors, Golden Dragon has consistently channeled substantial resources into the research and development of new energy vehicles and the Internet of Vehicles (IoV).

As a state-owned enterprise marked by remarkable digital innovation, this bus manufacturer has emerged as a trailblazer in numerous state-level and provincial-level technological innovation initiatives, asserting its leadership within the global bus manufacturing domain.

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