Chilakaluripet Bus Accident: 6 Charred to Death in AP’s Palnadu

Chilakaluripet Bus Accident

In the Palnadu district of Chilakaluripet, a devastating accident unfolded, claiming the lives of six individuals. A privately operated travel bus, en route from Chinnaganjam village in Bapatla district, was involved in a high-speed collision with a tipper lorry, resulting in the tragic loss of six lives.

The bus was carrying 42 passengers, all of whom were on their way home after voting. While five individuals died on the spot, including the bus driver and the lorry driver, another person passed away in the hospital.

Details of the Palnadu Bus Accident

The Palnadu bus accident unfolded along the Chilakaluripet Mandal – Pamarru village route, near Eevuri, Chilakaluripet Mandal, around the early hours of May 15th, at approximately 1:30 AM.

The private bus, ferrying around 42 passengers, was on its journey from the Chinnaganjam village in the Pachuru Assembly Constituency to Hyderabad when a speeding lorry collided with it head-on.

The impact of the collision caused both vehicles to catch fire instantly killing five individuals.

A fire engine rushed to the spot and doused the fire but by then both vehicles were completely destroyed.

Casualties of the Chilakaluripet Bus Accident

According to ANI reports, the deceased individuals have been identified as Anji (35), Uppgundur Kashi (65), Uppugundur Lakshmi (55), and Mupparaju Khyati Saishri (8), all residents of Bapatla district, Andhra Pradesh.

Among the deceased, three were from the same family: Uppugundur Lakshmi, Uppgundur Kashi, and their nine-year-old son.

In addition to the six fatalities, the bus accident resulted in approximately 20 passengers sustaining severe injuries. The injured were shifted to government hospitals in Chilakaluripet and Guntur.

Cause of the Accident

Based on initial observations, it appears that the bus accident in Chilakaluripet was primarily caused by the excessive speed of the lorry involved. The rapid pace at which the lorry was traveling likely impeded the driver’s ability to maneuver effectively, resulting in the collision.

At present, local police authorities are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident to determine its exact cause and any contributing factors.


TDP leader Chandrababu Naidu has expressed profound sadness regarding the accident, extending heartfelt condolences to the families of the deceased. Naidu has urged the government to enhance medical services for the injured individuals.

Purandeswari, the President of BJP in Andhra Pradesh, has also conveyed her condolences regarding the tragic road accident. She expressed sincere sympathy towards the families affected by the incident and emphasized the need for improved medical assistance for the injured.

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