Here’s How to Get the 10% Discount on TSRTC Lahari Buses

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10% Discount on TSRTC Lahari Buses

The Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) recently announced an enticing 10% discount on TSRTC Lahari buses.

According to the TSRTC, the discount was applicable on AC sleeper and AC sleeper cum seater Lahari buses across all long distant routes and is valid until April 30, 2024.

This offer was introduced to encourage passengers to opt for Lahari buses and make long-distance travel more affordable.

However, the implementation of this discount has left many passengers puzzled and frustrated.

After the news was released, many passengers reached out to us on our Instagram handle, expressing confusion about how to avail the discount.

To investigate further, one of our journalists decided to book a ticket himself.

No Option of Concession on TSRTC’s Online Site

Unfortunately, when attempting to book a ticket on the Hyderabad – Chennai TSRTC Lahari bus, we were unable to find an option to apply the 10% discount on the website.

The only discount options available were for the Journ 2/3 concession and a 50% concession for retired TSRTC employees.

So we reached out to TSRTC’s Managing Director VC Sajjanar via Twitter, replying directly to his tweet announcing the 10% Discount on TSRTC Lahari buses.

However, we did not receive a response. Or let’s be a little more politically correct and say that we are yet to receive a reply.

So, we contacted TSRTC ‘s helpline number.

After numerous calls to TSRTC’s customer care, we finally got through, only to be met with vague explanations about the 10% discount being automatically applied.

How to Avail 10% Discount on TSRTC Lahari Buses?

Here's How to Get the 10% Discount on TSRTC Lahari Buses (1)

Yes, that’s the answer – according to customer care executives, the 10% discount on TSRTC Lahari buses is applied automatically the moment you choose a qualifying bus.

“We have a dynamic pricing policy and the Rs 1,980 price that you see now is the final price after 10% discount,” said a lackluster voice from TSRTC ‘s customer care office.

But somehow, we were not convinced.

Let’s take a look at what we found out.

The fare for service number 9665 between Hyderabad and Chennai is listed as Rs 1,980 on TSRTC’s official bus booking site, as shown in the picture above.

If the customer care executives are to be believed, this is the discounted price.

To gain clarity, we compared the price on RedBus.

We selected the same bus and the same seat, as you can see in the picture below.

Here's How to Get the 10% Discount on TSRTC Lahari Buses

And that’s when we realized that TSRTC’s fare seemed to be a far cry from the discount promised.

The listed price on RedBus was significantly cheaper by Rs 1,554, and that too without any discount.

The question of whether the 10% discount on TSRTC  Lahari buses truly serves as a meaningful incentive for passengers or is simply a marketing tactic remains unresolved.

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Wrapping up

While TSRTC ‘s initiative to offer a 10% discount on Lahari buses was a commendable effort to incentivize passengers to choose their services, the execution has been marred by confusion and lack of transparency.

The discrepancy between the advertised discount and the actual fare observed during booking has fueled speculation about the authenticity of the offer.

Despite the assurance from TSRTC’s customer care that the discount is automatically applied, there’s a clear lack of transparency in the fare calculation process.

Moving forward, TSRTC should address these concerns and ensure that passengers have access to accurate information and seamless booking experiences.

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