Heroic: Odisha Bus Driver Saves 48 Lives Before Dying of Cardiac Arrest

In an inspiring turn of events, a cardiac arrest-stricken Odisha bus driver, Sana Pradhan saved 48 lives in Kandhamal district with his swift thinking.

Heroic Odisha Bus Driver Saves 48 Lives Before Dying of Cardiac Arrest
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In a remarkable display of presence of mind, an Odisha bus driver averted a potential disaster on an overnight journey to Bhubaneswar.

The driver, identified as Sana Pradhan, experienced a sudden cardiac arrest while navigating through Paburia village in Kandhamal district.

This incident unfolded on a fateful Friday night, bringing 48 passengers on board to the brink of a catastrophe.

How the Odisha Bus Driver Prevented a Potential Tragedy?

As chest pain gripped Sana Pradhan, he grappled to maintain control of the steering. Recognizing the gravity of the situation and realizing he couldn’t continue, he made a life-saving decision.

With astonishing composure, the Odisha bus driver deliberately steered the bus into a roadside wall, strategically using it as an emergency brake. This desperate move halted the vehicle and safeguarded the lives of all on board.

Kalyanamayee Sendha, the inspector-in-charge of Tikabali police station, commended Pradhan’s quick thinking.

“He realized that he would not be able to drive further. So, he crashed the vehicle against a roadside wall, following which it came to a stop, and the lives of the passengers could be saved,” stated Sendha.

The private bus, ‘Maa Laxmi’, was en route from Sarangarh in Kandhamal to the state capital, Bhubaneswar, via G. Udayagiri.

Sana Pradhan’s act of courage and selflessness prevented a potential catastrophe that could have resulted from losing control of the speeding bus.

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A Tragic End to a Heroic Act

After the incident, Pradhan was rushed to a nearby hospital, but tragically, medical professionals declared him dead due to cardiac arrest.

The quick and decisive action he took on that fateful night will forever be remembered as a testament to his dedication to passenger safety.

The bus resumed its journey towards its destination after a brief delay, with a new driver at the wheel. The passengers, likely still in shock from the near miss, continued their journey towards Bhubaneswar.

A Hero’s Farewell

Following a post-mortem examination, Pradhan’s body was respectfully handed over to his grieving family. His courageous act in the face of crisis will be etched in the annals of this journey, reminding all of the impact one person’s quick thinking can have in safeguarding the lives of many.

This incident serves as a poignant reminder of the critical role drivers play in ensuring passenger safety. Sana Pradhan’s legacy will forever resonate as a testament to the importance of swift decision-making in times of crisis.

His heroism prevented a potential tragedy and stands as a shining example of selflessness and courage.

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