Hisar to Chandigarh Bus Haryana Roadways Online Booking, Timetable

Hisar to Chandigarh Bus Haryana Roadways

Traveling from Hisar to Chandigarh by bus has become an increasingly popular and convenient option for many commuters.

There are numerous Hisar to Chandigarh buses that ply throughout the day. This includes both private and Haryana Roadways buses.

But since roadways buses have more reliable timetables, we will only discuss Haryana Roadways buses from Hisar to Chandigarh.

Haryana Roadways operates several buses on the Hisar to Chandigarh bus route, offering a reliable and affordable mode of transportation for passengers.

This article will explore the Hisar to Chandigarh bus timetable, ticket booking options, and route details.

Hisar to Chandigarh Bus Journey Overview

Embarking on the road from Hisar to Chandigarh unfolds the heart of Haryana. Spanning approximately 247 kilometers, this journey takes around 5-6 hours depending on traffic conditions.

Hisar to Chandigarh Haryana Roadways buses ensure a reliable and comfortable commute on this route.

Here is an overview of the journey by bus from Hisar to Chandigarh.

Departure DepotHisar Bus Stand
Arrival DepotChandigarh ISBT, Sector-17
Hisar to Chandigarh DistanceAppox. 247 kilometers by road.
Time taken by Haryana Roadways BusApprx. 4-5 hours, depending on the traffic conditions.
Haryana Roadways Hisar to Chandigarh Bus RouteVia Barwala, Kaithal, Pehowa, Ambala
Total number of Government buses25+
Non AC Government buses20+
AC Government Buses4
Private buses from Hisar to Chandigarh4
Hisar to Chandigarh Bus Fare (Non-AC)Rs. 310
Hisar to Chandigarh AC Bus Fare (AC)Govt. Rs 550-Rs 600, Private Rs 420 – Rs 900
First Bus from Hisar to Chandigarh 05.10 AM
Last Bus from Hisar to Chandigarh 11.00 PM 

Hisar to Chandigarh Bus Haryana Roadways Online Booking, Timetable
Hisar to Chandigarh bus route Haryana Roadways

Hisar to Chandigarh bus timetable Haryana Roadways

For planning convenience, here is the latest Hisar to Chandigarh bus timetable of Haryana Roadways:

Sure, I’ve adjusted the arrival times in the table to be 5 hours after the departure times:

Departure TimeBus TypeArrival Time
05:20 hrsHaryana Roadways10:20 hrs
06:00 hrsHaryana Roadways11:00 hrs
06:20 hrsHaryana Roadways11:20 hrs
07:20 hrsHaryana Roadways12:20 hrs
07:33 hrsCTU Ordinary12:33 hrs
07:50 hrsHaryana Roadways AC12:50 hrs
08:45 hrsHaryana Roadways13:45 hrs
09:20 hrsHaryana Roadways14:20 hrs
09:50 hrsHaryana Roadways14:50 hrs
10:25 hrsHaryana Roadways15:25 hrs
11:00 hrsHaryana Roadways16:00 hrs
11:30 hrsHaryana Roadways16:30 hrs
12:40 hrsCTU AC17:40 hrs
12:40 hrsRSRTC Express17:40 hrs
12:50 hrsPRTC Ordinary17:50 hrs
13:10 hrsHaryana Roadways18:10 hrs
13:40 hrsHaryana Roadways18:40 hrs
13:45 hrsRSRTC Express18:45 hrs
13:54 hrsRSRTC Express18:54 hrs
14:40 hrsHaryana Roadways19:40 hrs
15:20 hrsHaryana Roadways20:20 hrs
17:20 hrsHaryana Roadways22:20 hrs
17:40 hrsRSRTC Express22:40 hrs
18:20 hrsHaryana Roadways23:20 hrs
23:00 hrsHaryana Roadways04:00 hrs

Please note that while the typical travel time from Hisar to Chandigarh by bus ranges from 4 to 5 hours, ETA is shown with 5 hours which is the maximum time needed for the journey.

Hisar to Chandigarh Haryana Roadways Bus Type

There are mostly ordinary buses on the Hisar to Chandigarh route with limited amenities provided. These buses are non-AC Haryana Roadways buses with 3+2 seating layout.

As per redBus, the amenities provided in these buses are as follows:

  • M-ticket
  • Emergency contact number

Temperatures often reach extreme levels during the summer season. If you are planning to travel from Hisar to Chandigarh by Haryana Roadways bus during peak summer months, it is advisable to take an AC bus service.

Hisar to Chandigarh AC Bus Timing – 4 Buses

There are limited AC Hisar to Chandigarh Haryana Roadways AC Buses. Here is a list of Hisar to Chandigarh AC Bus Timing:

Sure, here’s the updated list with the additional service departing at 7:33 hrs by CTU:

Departure TimeBus TypeArrival Time
07:33 hrsCTU13:33 hrs
07:50 hrsHaryana Roadways AC13:50 hrs
12:40 hrsCTU AC18:40 hrs
13:45 hrsRSRTC Express AC19:45 hrs

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A non Ac Haryana Roadways bus between Delhi and Yamunanagar.

Return Journey: Chandigarh to Hisar Bus Timetable

Departure TimeBusTypeArrival Time
04:20 hrsHaryana Roadways10:20 hrs
04:25 hrsRSRTC Express10:25 hrs
04:50 hrsHaryana Roadways10:50 hrs
05:25 hrsHaryana Roadways11:25 hrs
05:40 hrsHaryana Roadways11:40 hrs
06:10 hrsCTU AC12:10 hrs
06:25 hrsRSRTC Express12:25 hrs
06:40 hrsRSRTC Express12:40 hrs
07:00 hrsHaryana Roadways13:00 hrs
07:25 hrsHaryana Roadways13:25 hrs
07:35 hrsRSRTC Express13:35 hrs
08:40 hrsHaryana Roadways14:40 hrs
10:14 hrsHaryana Roadways16:14 hrs
11:06 hrsHaryana Roadways17:06 hrs
12:00 hrsHaryana Roadways18:00 hrs
13:47 hrsHaryana Roadways19:47 hrs
14:00 hrsHaryana Roadways20:00 hrs
15:05 hrsCTU Ordinary21:05 hrs
15:27 hrsHaryana Roadways AC21:27 hrs
16:20 hrsHaryana Roadways22:20 hrs
16:50 hrsHaryana Roadways22:50 hrs

Hisar to Chandigarh Bus Ticket Price Haryana Roadways

The Haryana Roadways Hisar to Chandigarh bus ticket price has been kept minimal to ensure affordability and accessibility for all passengers.

As of January 2024, the bus prices are as follows:

  • Ordinary bus: Rs 310
  • AC bus: Between Rs 550 to Rs 600

Hisar to Chandigarh Bus Online Booking

The official Haryana Roadways booking platform does not offer Hisar to Chandigarh bus online booking as of date.

However, you can book you can also book private buses from Hisar to Chandigarh on redBus.

Click here for Hisar to Chandigarh bus online booking.

Private Buses from Hisar to Chandigarh

There are several private buses from Hisar to Chandigarh that operate throughout the day. In general, these private buses are more luxurious than government buses. However, there are only 4 buses listed on redBus for online booking.

Private buses from Hisar to Chandigarh boast spacious and comfortable reclining seats, generous legroom, and impeccably maintained interiors, ensuring passengers enjoy a comfortable journey from start to finish.

Additionally, there are sleeper buses available for those seeking added comfort during overnight travel.

Despite a slightly higher fare, passengers are assured of a luxurious journey with added amenities that justify the extra expense.

Amenities Provided:

  • Air Condition
  • Charging point
  • Reading light
  • Mobile ticket support
  • GPS live tracking
  • Emergency contact number

Click here for Hisar to Chandigarh private bus online booking.

Haryana Roadways strike today (1)

About Chandigarh

Chandigarh, known affectionately as the “City Beautiful,” serves as the shared capital of both Haryana and Punjab, showcasing a perfect blend of thoughtful urban design and abundant natural splendor.

Situated amidst the picturesque Shivalik Range, this city exemplifies human creativity harmonizing with the grace of nature.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Chandigarh

Here are 10 must-see places in Chandigarh.

  1. Rock Garden: A unique sculpture garden created entirely from industrial and urban waste by artist Nek Chand.
  2. Sukhna Lake: A serene artificial lake where visitors can enjoy boating, birdwatching, and stunning sunset views.
  3. Rose Garden (Zakir Hussain Rose Garden): Asia’s largest rose garden, boasting over 1,600 varieties of roses and captivating floral displays.
  4. Capitol Complex: Designed by Le Corbusier, this architectural marvel houses the High Court, Secretariat, and Legislative Assembly of Punjab and Haryana.
  5. Pinjore Gardens (Yadavindra Gardens): A historic Mughal garden featuring terraced lawns, water fountains, and scenic picnic spots.
  6. Chandigarh Botanical Garden and Nature Park: A sprawling green oasis showcasing a diverse range of plant species and tranquil walking trails.
  7. Leisure Valley: A picturesque linear park spanning several sectors, offering lush greenery, recreational facilities, and cultural attractions.
  8. Government Museum and Art Gallery: Home to an impressive collection of Gandharan sculptures, miniature paintings, and archaeological artifacts.
  9. International Dolls Museum: A fascinating museum housing a vast collection of dolls and puppets from around the world, showcasing diverse cultures and traditions.
  10. Cactus Garden (National Cactus and Succulent Botanical Garden and Research Centre): One of the largest collections of cacti and succulents in Asia, featuring rare and exotic species in a beautifully landscaped setting.


In conclusion, the journey from Hisar to Chandigarh by bus via Haryana Roadways promises not just a commute but a voyage through the heart of Haryana.

With reliable timetables, affordable fares, and the convenience of online booking, every traveler is ensured a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Haryana Roadways strike today January 2024

Hisar to Chandigarh Bus: All your Questions Answered

How long does the bus journey take from Hisar to Chandigarh?

Travel time typically ranges from 5-6 hours, depending on traffic conditions.

How many buses run daily from Hisar to Chandigarh?

Numerous buses ply this route daily, with departures throughout the day, starting early morning and continuing late into the night.

What is the price of Haryana Roadways bus ticket from Hisar to Chandigarh?

Fares vary depending on the bus type (AC/Non AC, seater/sleeper etc.) and operator. Non AC bus rices to start around Rs 310 and AC bus fares start at Rs 550.

Where can I book bus tickets from Hisar to Chandigarh? 

For government buses like Haryana Roadways, you ave to book tickets physically at the bus depot. You can book private buses online on MakeMyTrip, Paytm, redBus.

Are there AC buses available from Hisar to Chandigarh?

Yes. There are four Government AC buses and 4 private AC buses on this route.

Do Hisar to Chandigarh buses have toilets? 

No. Hisar to Chandigarh buses do not have toilets.

Do the buses stop for breaks during the journey? 

Yes, there are usually one stop along the way for refreshments and bathroom breaks.

How can I check the latest Haryana Roadways bus timetable for this route?

To check the latest Haryana Roadways bus timetable for the Hisar to Chandigarh route, click here.

What is the typical route taken by buses from Hisar to Chandigarh?

The typical route taken by buses from Hisar to Chandigarh is via Via Barwala, Kaithal, Pehowa, Ambala.

Does CTU operate any buses from Hisar to Chandigarh?

Chandigarh Transport Undertaking (CTU) also operates buses on the Hisar to Chandigarh route, offering passengers an additional transportation option for traveling between these two locations.

What is the first bus time from Hisar to Chandigarh?

The first bus from Hisar to Chandigarh starts at 4:20 hrs.

What is the last bus time from Hisar to Chandigarh?

The last bus from Hisar to Chandigarh departs Histar at 11 PM

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