Farmingdale Bus Crash: What We Know So Far?

Farmingdale Bus Crash – Updates on the high school band bus accident that claimed two lives. Get the latest details as of Friday.

Farmingdale Bus Crash: What We Know So Far?

In a harrowing incident, a bus carrying a high school band met with a tragic accident that claimed the lives of two adults.

About a dozen children were hurt in the Farmingdale bus crash and at least 5 were reported to be in critical condition as of September 21, 2023, Thursday.

Farmingdale Bus Crash: What Actually Happened?

A bus, carrying Farmingdale High School students, veered off Interstate 84, tumbling into a 50-foot ravine in the median between the eastbound and westbound lanes of the highway.

In total, there were 40 students and four adult chaperones on board, as reported by state police.

This tragic incident unfolded early afternoon, around 1:12 PM near Wawayanda, approximately 75 miles from New York City and close to the New Jersey border. The New York State Police promptly closed the westbound lanes.

Governor Kathy Hochul revealed that it took nearly 45 minutes for first responders to rescue all victims from the ravine.

The bus’s roof was twisted as it came to rest on its left side. Rescuers were able to access the windows using a ladder.

This unfortunate event marks a somber day for Farmingdale and its community. Five other buses, part of the same trip, returned to Farmingdale after the crash, as reported by local media.

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Casualties So Far

The Farmingdale bus crash claimed the lives of two adults.

Beatrice Ferrara, 77, from Farmingdale, New York, and Gina Pellettiere, 43, of Massapequa, have been identified as the deceased by state police officials.

Gina Pellettiere held the position of Director of Bands at the school and had a distinguished career in music education, including serving as the chairperson of the Nassau All-County Division 5 Symphonic Band for many years.

She was also a guest conductor for both Nassau and Suffolk All-County Festivals, according to the school’s website.

About 12 high school students were hurt in the Farmingdale bus crash and at least 5 were reported to be in critical condition as of September 21, 2023, Thursday.

Cause of the Farming Bus Crash

Prima facie, a faulty front tire has contributed to the crash, according to Governor Hochul and investigators.

The investigation is still in progress.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is dispatching a team to examine the incident. The NTSB investigators are scheduled to arrive on Friday, the agency confirmed.

The Bus Involved in the Farmingdale Crash

Farmingdale Bus Crash: What We Know So Far?

The bus was one of six from the high school en route to a band camp in Greeley, Pennsylvania.

It’s owned by Regency Transportation in Nesconset, Long Island. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, the company has an excellent safety record.

They’ve had zero unsafe driving violations in recent years and maintain their vehicles well.

Farmingdale Bus Crash Victims Recount the Horror

A 15-year-old student, Anthony Eugenio, recalled the terrifying moments. He was sleeping but a thud woke him up. The bus felt unstable, tipping over. He tried to grasp the situation, and then chaos ensued.

Yells filled the air. His seatmate was covered in blood, and he saw blood all around.

In the community, parents, students, and locals gathered at Farmingdale High School after the tragic bus rollover in Orange County.

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