Buy Used Bharat Benz Vehicles with Confidence – BharatBenz Certified

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Buy Used Bharat Benz Vehicles with Confidence as Daimler India Launches 'BharatBenz Certified'

Looking to buy used Bharat Benz vehicles? Now you can buy certified used Bharat Benz trucks and Buses with confidence with BharatBenz Certified.

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), the wholly owned subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG (“Daimler Truck”) and the manufacturer of Bharat Benz, India’s trusted truck and bus brand, is expanding its offerings to cater to the growing demand for used Bharat Benz vehicles in India.

DICV is proud to introduce “Bharat Benz Certified,” a new business initiative that focuses on the refurbishment and sale of pre-owned BharatBenz trucks, tippers, and buses.

Over the past decade, Bharat Benz has established itself as a highly reputable brand known for its engineering excellence, safety features, reliability, performance, and competitive total cost of ownership.

DICV’s commitment to product engineering and quality ensures that Bharat Benz vehicles are exceptionally durable, offering exceptional mileage and a longer lifecycle than what customers in Kerala are accustomed to.

Buy Used Bharat Benz Vehicles with Confidence as Daimler India Launches 'BharatBenz Certified'

As a result, the proposition of pre-owned Bharat Benz vehicles becomes even more compelling for customers seeking used commercial vehicles.

Rajaram K, President of Bharat Benz Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service, acknowledged the growing demand for used BharatBenz vehicles in Kerala, stating,

“Through extensive market research, we discovered the aspirations of customers who are looking for used Bharat Benz trucks, tippers, and buses. To address this market need, we are excited to launch Bharat Benz Certified.

“This company-led initiative allows customers to directly contact Bharat Benz through our website or authorized dealerships, eliminating the need for third-party mediators. Bharat Benz Certified serves as a reliable platform for customers to find high-quality, second-hand Bharat Benz buses and trucks for sale,” he adds.

125 Point Check of Used Bharat Benz Vehicles

Under the Bharat Benz Certified program, second-hand Bharat Benz vehicles undergo a rigorous 125-point quality check, ensuring thorough technical inspections, necessary repairs, and complete restoration. 

Each vehicle is subjected to a detailed pre-delivery inspection (PDI) before being dispatched.

To provide peace of mind to customers, all used Bharat Benz vehicles repaired and restored by Bharat Benz Certified come with a 6-month warranty. 

Additionally, customers have the option to opt for a new Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for their used Bharat Benz trucks or transfer the existing warranty and AMC from the previous owner.

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Bharat Benz vehicles are renowned for their longevity, surpassing the typical 5-6 year lifecycle of commercial trucks.

These vehicles have proven their ability to tirelessly run for millions of kilometers, with services conducted according to manufacturer-prescribed intervals. 

This extended lifespan makes pre-owned Bharat Benz buses and trucks a highly attractive choice for customers in Kerala who desire reliable, high-performance vehicles that offer exceptional safety and competitive total cost of ownership.

In addition to Bharat Benz Certified, DICV also offers the “Bharat Benz Exchange” program.

Launched in 2020, this program enables customers to trade their commercial vehicles from other brands for Bharat Benz vehicles.

How to Buy Used Bharat Benz Certified Vehicles

To kickstart the Bharat Benz Certified program, customers in Karnataka can visit Trident Trucking in Bengaluru during the pilot phase.

However, DICV has plans to expand the availability of Bharat Benz Certified to all authorized Bharat Benz dealerships across the country soon.

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